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Advances in Fractal Microstrip Antenna

Invention, Innovation and Sustainability are what makes me aspire to the higher reaches and realms of Science and Technology. This website is a part of my dream to establish a laboratory which discovers the new scientific phenomena and their practical applications in order to help the mankindĀ to reach where none has explored (the undiscovered country).

This website is also the showcase of my innate knowledge and aspiration to develop, discover and invent.


My Work

Located in SDMIT Campus, ANR Labs exposes residents in the Ujire and surrounding neighborhoods to fundamental laboratory experimentation in order to spark interest in STEM and STEM profession.


Successful Missions
Success Mission 99%
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction 90%
Newest Technologies
Newest Technologies 85%


2012 - 2013

Kendriya Vidyalaya Nal campus

2013 - 2015

SMGH Jain PU College : PCME

2015 - 2019

SDM Institute of Technology : BE, Electronics and Communication



National Open-source Conference (NOSCONF-16), NMAMIT, 2018

The OS would not include any application with the traditional sense of the word. Instead, all it will support would be modules. The UI would be task-based and file-based at the same time.

SDM Institute of technology, VTU, 2019

Swastik Fractal Microstrip antenna with EBG structures for enhancement in bandwidth and multifrequency operation. The characteristics of UWB were observed both during simulation as well as testing with vector network analyser.

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